Fluxgate Magnetometer Core Technology Demonstrator

A NASA Cubesat Launch Initiative Proposal from the Columbus Space Program & AMSAT
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Primary focus area: Advance technology readiness level for a new type of magnetometer core and to advance an education plan using national K-12 networks

Tasks to be completed before September 15:
  • Build 1-axis fluxgate magnetometer with metallic glass core. Test performance measurements and revise design to meet 1 nanoTesla resolution requirement.
  • Investigate Gravity Gradient Stabilization
  • Begin Thermal analysis of payload section
  • Recruit non-senior student team members (core team of 10 -- at least 6 non-seniors)

2015 Senior Team (retired): Farita Tasnim, Shivani Upadhayay, Jinny Van Doorn
2016,2017,2018 Team: Hallie Richardson, Megan Throlson

3D Printed Cubesat (with files)