Active Circuit Projects

Surface Mount DIP boards
Requirement: Create boards that will allow various SMT chips to be soldered to the board and have standard 0.100 spaced holes so pins can turn the board into a DIP package for test circuits
Chips(Sizes): AD8226 (8-SOIC)

Dipole Antenna center feeds:
Requirements: Make small boards that will connect to a male SMA connector to brazing rod. Include mounting holes at the corners and also for physical support of brazing rod.
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Argent Data Balloon APRS Board
Requirement: Design a board that will connect to an Argent Data T3mini to a Baofung radio, Arduino Radio Shield, Data Logger shield with some indicator LEDs showing battery health, GPS strength, and TNC performance

Lithium Battery Power Tester
Plug in via screw terminals to a circuit that has a regulated 1A output and a current sensing resistor with an instrumentation amp to monitor the output as an analog output 0-5V to an Arduino data logger

10-axis IMU with Arduino Data Logger
Connect an Adafruit 10-axis IMU with appropriate programming to an Arduino data logger in a secure structure