Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Co-curricular Organization

The Columbus Space Program (CSP) is a premier secondary education space education program. High school students work in and out of class to prepare proposals and actual hardware that solve real science and engineering problems. Many of those problems have direct connection to the space environment. To facilitate these research questions, the Columbus Space Program maintains its own access to a space environment through the high altitude science platform called DREAMS - Doing Research at Extreme Altitudes by Motivated Students. A current team of students and mentors are proposing a Cubesat mission called FluxDemonSat to the NASA Cubesat Launch Initiative. Central to the training of students in technical areas is the FIRST Robotics part of CSP through the award winning FRC Team 4188. Several of our alums have went on to work in STEM careers and many are in great STEM programs at MIT, Georgia Tech, and other amazing institutions evident on our Alum page.

2016 Programs

In 2000, students at Carver High School proposed an experiment to fly on a space shuttle mission. That effort expanded and became a regular program where students can apply lessons they learned in classes to real applications. Since that time, the program has flown dozens of experiments into space. With the end of some NASA programs, the Columbus Space Program began its own access to the edge of space with the program. BEST and FIRST Robotics were also included in this program. The program serves students in the Chattahoochee Valley area around Columbus, Georgia.

Shuttle Artifact Program sends one of the Space Shuttle General Purpose Computers to Columbus



Lemelson-MIT 2016



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MIT Think

Teachers in Space 2015