During the 2015-2016 school year, the following programs may be implemented if resources allow. Resources include funding, student participation, mentor participation, and space to work.

Complete this FORM to indicate your interest.

FIRST Robotics

Training takes place in the Fall with some opportunities during late Spring and Summer. Once applications are turned in, the roster will be announced. A series of pre-season activities will be planned for the Fall to prepare individual team members to make contributions during the 6 week build season which starts in January and goes until mid-February.

Success in FIRST Robotics depends on student dedication (time and skill), mentor participation, funding, and space availability.

Applications are due Thursday, September 10th. The applications and more information are available on the Robotics wikipage at

FluxDemonSat - A NASA sponsored Cubesat project

A team of students will work to complete a prototype of a Cubesat payload and also write a proposal due in November with 2 professional level reviews. Selected teams will have 2 years to prepare a Cubesat for launch into orbit. Time will be focused on Fall and late Spring with Summer work as well. More information available at http://columbusspace.wikispaces.com/FluxDemonSat.

Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Invention Project

A team of students and mentors could research an invention, build a prototype, and complete a proposal to be considered to be an official InvenTeam. Ideas will need to brainstormed through August, and a final project selected by October. A prototype would need to be build by December and an application completed by March. The top 35 proposals will be invited to turn in a final application in October. The top 15 teams will be funded up to $10,000 to complete a working prototype to be presented by the students on the campus of MIT during the summer of 2017. CSP has had 2 previous entries selected as InvenTeam projects.

DREAMS - Doing Research at Extreme Altitudes by Motivated Students

Our high altitude balloon payload delivery system will complete two missions during 2015-2016. DREAMS-25 is planned for October 2015. More information is available at http://dreams2space.wikispaces.com/